Buying a Newly Built Home? Here’s Some Tips.

New construction is a ton of first time home buyers go to solution, due to the lack of inventory already existing. But when you decide to take that action of buying a newly built home, there are many extra steps you must take to make sure that this house is ready to be a home!

1. Be Sure To Hire An Inspector

A home inspector will do everything in your best interest, making sure that everything is up to your passing grade. When buying a brand new home, plan to have between 1-3 inspections, depending on how you feel. These inspections usually run with the first one being the foundation inspection, the second one being the pre-drywall inspection, and of course, there’s the final inspection which takes place.

These inspections are extremely important because the inspector will usually find something that the builder had missed. If you can, try to attend the inspection so that you can bring any questions you may have. It is your house, so try to be there!

2. Have Good Communication With Your Builder

The pre-construction meeting consists of going over the details of your home with the project manager and making sure nothing is wrong with the layout. When you’re at this pre-construction meeting, try to establish a line of communication. For example, having weekly updates every Friday afternoon on how the house is going would keep you up to date. Especially if the builder sent you images as well! Be sure to form a relationship with your builder so that you can receive updates, and all your questions can be answered.

3. Check For Builder’s Incentives

On the good side, you’re buying a brand new home and you can customize it however you want by adding anything just about anywhere! But don’t forget…. everything costs MONEY. Prices start to add up faster than you think.

But some builders actually offer incentives that can help bring your payment down when it’s time to check out the price for that home. So be sure to check those out!

4. Plan Extra Time Into The Home Process

Nothing is ever “on time”…. and there will always be something that delays your closing. For example, weather cannot be controlled by anyone or anything, so be sure to have an open mind and understand that things do happen but it’s okay! We all know that Florida loves random rain here and there, so remember, things happen but your home will be complete!

Always do what most builders do and have a 1-2 week gap added into your timeline. Especially if you are selling your current home!

5. Visit The Site As Much As You Can

As it was mentioned above, be sure to schedule time with your builder to come by and check out the progress yourself! You have to have the motivation to see your home from start to finish… it truly is incredible! Being there often also ensures that anything you see that is wrong with the house can be fixed immediately. Taking pictures will also help you go back when you leave the house and take your time looking at every detail you took pictures of.

The Bottom Line

Watching your future home come to life is an amazing experience that can sometimes come with little troubles here and there… But there are ways to avoid them! Just follow those tips and you’ll be organized and ready for anything that comes your way!

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