Considering Moving to Denver?

Located at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Denver, Colorado has plenty to offer outdoor enthusiasts. From breathtaking scenery to year-round activities, it’s a desirable place to call home.

But, how can you find the perfect home in Denver, Colorado? What should you consider?

Let’s take a look!

Line Up Your Priorities

Before you begin house-hunting, sit down and make a list. What do you see in your perfect home? What do you need? Prioritize them in a list. Set a budget here as well. Assess your finances and figure out what is affordable for you. Be realistic. It’s also a good idea to get pre-approved for a mortgage before you seek out viewings. This can help you plan. It further will prevent any disappoint or delays in placing an offer in for your deemed perfect home.

Consider Your Location

Denver, Colorado is a decently-sized city. It covers over 400 square kilometers and is home to more than 700 000 people. Do your research on the neighborhoods. Would you rather suburbia or downtown living? Or are you more of a country person? Scout out the neighborhoods that suit your ideal. But again, the price comes into play here. You will pay more for downtown and more central locations. Think back to your priorities – what do you need? Consider amenities close by, transportation routes, school locations, and recreational opportunities.

Take into Account the Size of Your Home

Do you need a big space? How many bedrooms do you need? This will narrow down your search for that perfect home. If you don’t necessarily need that 5 bedrooms, 3 bath house right now or in the next 5 years, maybe reconsider your ideal. The space may go unused – is it worth it?

Be Willing to Compromise

Perfect is hard to find. But you can get close to it! So, that one home only has 2 bathrooms. Think about it: You could potentially add another bathroom in during the next few years. It could potentially become your perfect home. Renovations are sometimes necessary – especially if you really want to strive for your ideal. Be willing to compromise the low hanging fruit on your priority list. That finished basement – you could get to it in years to come. If a home has all your top priorities, it may be best to find an even ground and get it before someone else does.

Look At More Than One Home

This should be a no-brainer. But many people look at 10-15 or more homes until they find the one. Compare your options. Maybe your priority list will change as you look – and that’s okay.

When in doubt…

Think about hiring a real estate agent. They are the experts. They can give you the lowdown on what you need to know – especially about specific areas, pricing, and what you can get for your budget. Seek out one in the Denver, Colorado area. Find your perfect home, today.